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News and Events Blog

Sightseeing in The Ozarks

by Jonathan Green on 04/09/13

It is time to enjoy the many sights around Mammoth Spring, Arkansas and Thayer, Missouri.  There is hiking in many location close to each town.  The Grand Gulf offers a great opportunity to do so serious hiking in a beautiful setting.   If you just want to take a stroll, you can do that at the Mammoth Spring State park and hatchery.   Of course, you can find places along Spring River or Worm Fort to spend some time.  It really does not matter where you go it is beautiful in the Ozarks.  Shopping, camping, fishing or just relaxing it is time to enjoy the Ozarks. 

Canoeing on Spring River

by Jonathan Green on 03/31/13

Take a canoe tripe down beautiful  Spring River.  It is a beautiful float or you can take in some fishing.  You can choose a  all day  trip from Dam 3 to Hardy Beach about 8 hr, if you do not fish or swim to long in one place.  There are shorter trips from Dam 3 that only take 5 or 6 hr.  There are a lot of outfitters to choose from or use you own canoe, kayak or boat.  If you float on your own you will have to have a vehicle at your landing .  With the price of fuel and the in convince it is easier to have one of the canoe rentals  to drop you off and pick you up.  Anyway you float it should be fun.  Before you float stop by Comfort Green Motel get a room so you can take a hot shower and rest after your float, you will be glad you did. 

Trout Fishing on Spring River

by Jonathan Green on 03/28/13

Trout fishing on Spring River is good any time of the year, but I am a fair weather angler. If I cannot catch any fish, I want to be able to enjoy the outdoors anyway.  It will soon be warm enough to enjoy just being on Spring River catching fish or just looking at the water.  It is time to get the fishing gear ready and make plans to spend some time on the water.